Press Release for AIR Space and AIR 4.1


July 2006

Press Release: SiTex Graphics Introduces New Interactive Shading and Lighting Tool

Denton, Texas - SiTex Graphics, developer of advanced rendering software, has introduced AIR Space, a new user interface that allows interactive shading and lighting of 3D models for rendering with SiTex Graphics' AIR renderer.

AIR Space is a standalone application that allows users to import a 3D model, assign shading and lighting properties, and render final images with AIR.  AIR Space uses TweakAIR, the interactive version of AIR, to provide a high-quality Interactive Preview Rendering (IPR) of the scene as a user adjusts shading and lighting.  The IPR display shows soft shadows, reflections, anti-aliased textures, procedural patterns, global illumination, and ambient occlusion.  Users can add and manipulate lights, create and assign materials, and tweak shader parameters, all with automatic updates to the IPR display.  Many common editing tasks can be performed simply by clicking in the IPR window, including selecting materials or objects, assigning materials, targeting lights, adjusting light cones, and positioning or scaling textures.  AIR Space features unlimited undo and redo of all shading and lighting tweaks, facilitating experimentation and fine tuning.

AIR Space is designed to fit easily into a workflow with other 3D and 2D applications.  AIR Space stores shading and lighting information independently of the geometric model.  Users can freely make changes to a model in another program and re-import the changed model to AIR Space with one click, preserving existing material and light settings.  AIR Space tracks all images used as textures in a scene.  If a source image is altered, AIR Space automatically reconverts it to an optimized texture map prior to rendering.

In addition to AIR's programmable shaders, AIR Space supports Darkling Simulations’ DarkTree shaders.  An integrated asset browser allows users to manage libraries of materials, textures, light sets, and Darktree shaders.  Other features include an OpenGL viewport for manipulating cameras and lights and a log window for viewing messages from rendering processes.  AIR Space also supports distributed rendering of a single image over multiple computers.

With the introduction of AIR Space, SiTex Graphics has also released version 4.1 of the AIR, BakeAIR, and TweakAIR rendering software.

About SiTex Graphics

SiTex Graphics (Denton, Texas) provides advanced rendering software for television and film, industrial design, architecture, and digital content creation.  SiTex Graphics' products include: AIR, a highly advanced 3D production renderer; BakeAIR, the only standalone dedicated renderer for producing high-quality texture maps; and TweakAIR, a custom rendering engine for tweaking shading and lighting of production scenes.  With sophisticated, economical products and responsive, committed support, SiTex Graphics helps clients efficiently accomplish even the most demanding rendering tasks.

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