TweakAIR is an interactive rendering tool based on the AIR renderer. TweakAIR is designed to allow interactive tweaking of high-quality images with the full range of advanced rendering effects supported by AIR.

TweakAIR combined with the free AIR Space user interface provides a standalone interactive environment for shading and lighting 3D models.

TweakAIR accepts regular RIB files as input.  At the beginning of an interactive session, TweakAIR creates a "deep" framebuffer for the current view, in about the time required for a normal preview rendering. Once the deep framebuffer has been generated, shading and lighting for the scene can be changed interactively, and the rendered image will update to reflect the changes.


    No expensive preprocessing or large intermediate files

    Works with the full gamut of AIR surface primitives

    Tweak any parameter of any shader

    Assign new shaders

    Add and move lights


    Optimized shading for re-lighting

TweakAIR is supported by the following applications:

    SiTex Graphics’ Air Stream plug-in for Maya
    SiTex Graphics’ RhinoAir plug-in for Rhino 4
    SiTex Graphics’ AIR Space user interface on Windows

Developers:  Adding TweakAIR support to an existing plugin or application is straightforward with the aid of the TweakAIR developer’s kit, available by request to registered TweakAIR users and developers.


 Feature Summary

Fast Scanline Rendering
 Ray Tracing
 Programmable Shading
 Global Illumination
  True Displacement
 Area Lights
 Automatic Meshing
 Trimmed NURBs
 Subdivision Meshes
 HDR Input and Output
  Procedural Modeling
 Ambient Occlusion
Subsurface Scattering


 Supported platforms

    Linux x86

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