Companion Products


AIR is designed to work well with a variety of 3rd party applications.  This section lists some of the 3rd party software that has been tested with AIR.





SketchAir for SketchUp (new!)

The new SketchAir plugin for SketchUp provides a simple interface for rendering with Air from within SketchUp 2013.



AIR Stream for Maya

Air Stream is a new Maya rendering plug-in written specifically for AIR.  A free beta version of Air Stream is available on the Download page.





"Massive is the premier 3D animation system used for generating crowd-related visual effects and character animation, based on artificial life technology.”




SideFx's advanced 3D products for visual effects offer good support for rendering with AIR.  Rendering with AIR is supported by Houdini Master and Houdini Escape.



RhinoAIR for Rhino 4 & 5

SiTex Graphics’ own RhinoAIR plugin provides a simple, flexible interface to AIR, BakeAIR, and TweakAIR.



MayaMan for Maya

Animal Logic‘s MayaMan is a production proven plugin with many advanced features and a complete interface to AIR, TweakAIR, and BakeAIR



CityEngine from Procedural, Inc.

Procedural, Inc. has released CityEngine, a new procedural modeling toolfor rapidly creating large urban environments.  CityEngine includes a
RIB export option that has been tested with AIR.




DarkTree is an advanced procedural shader authoring tool from Darkling Simulations.  Any DarkTree shader can be rendered with AIR with the aid of Darkling Simulations RMSimbiont plugin (available from the Darkling web site).



Rendering Management Software



Temerity Pipeline

Temerity Pipeline is the industry's first complete production control application designed for the film, television and game industries. Pipeline increases productivity and studio profitability by providing seamless control over distributed processing of jobs, revisions and storage management. Studio pipelines are managed through one environment allowing artists to spend more being creative instead of dealing with production issues.

Temerity Pipeline has full support for AIR, BakeAIR and their associated texture and shader utilities.




Smedge is an easy-to-use program for managing rendering tasks - whether you have a single-processor machine, a multi-processor computer, or a network.  Jobs can be submitted to Smedge via a dialog for AIR or from a batch file or script.  Even if you don't have a multi-processor machine or a network, Smedge is useful for queuing and managing a sequence of rendering jobs.


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