AIR Show


AIR Show is a standalone program that serves as a framebuffer display for AIR.   Images rendered to the "framebuffer" device in AIR appear in AIR Show. If AIR Show is not running, AIR will automatically start AIR Show on the local machine.

AIR Show is much more than a simple framebuffer:

  • As a separate program, AIR Show remains open after a render has completed, and AIR Show can display any number of rendered images (limited only by available memory).
  • Concurrent processes can write to different images in AIR Show.
  • Rendering processes can write to AIR Show running on any machine on a network. 
  • A sequence of frames can be played as a simple flipbook animation.
  • 8-bit, 16-bit, and float image display
  • Gamma-correction for display without altering the raw image data
  • Pan & zoom. 
  • Special depth map display for previewing shadow maps 
  • Load and save images in any image format supported by AIR.
  • On Windows AIR Show can save a file sequence as an AVI file.


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