Rendering a Motion Pass in Massive with Air

Air includes two surface shaders for rendering a motion pass:

ReelSmartMotion:  This surface shader produces an image compatible with the ReelSmart Motion blur plugin from RE:Vision Effects.

:  This is a general motion vector shader with an optional opacity map.

When using either of these shader, the rendered image should be unfiltered, since it doesn’t generally make sense to combine different motion vectors in a single pixel.  To render an unfiltered image in Massive, use an options rib file with the following text:

PixelSamples 1 1
PixelFilter "box" 1 1

You can also add a Surface declaration to the options rib to apply the desired surface shader without having to create a new rendering pass in Massive:

Surface "MotionPass"
Option "render" "commands" "-Surface"

The options file can be included as the options rib file in the render pass in Massive.  Alternatively, you can include the options rib when rendering from the command line:

air options.rib myscene.rib

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