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Rendering a Motion Pass in Massive with Air

Air includes two surface shaders for rendering a motion pass: ReelSmartMotion:  This surface shader produces an image compatible with the ReelSmart Motion blur plugin from RE:Vision Effects. MotionPass:  This is a general motion vector shader with an optional opacity map. … Continue reading

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How to render an object’s x,y,z position

A user asked how to render an object’s world-space position into an image.  To address this question, we’ve included a new ShowPosition surface shader in Air 11.04 and later.  Here are the shader parameters: Surface “ShowPosition” “float UnitSize” [1] “float[3] … Continue reading

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Shader Networks and Layered Shaders

SiTex Graphics Air version 11 (press release) introduces the ability to use multiple shaders to compute the shading for surfaces, displacements, imagers, and environments. This new capability provides a simple solution to several common shading tasks that would otherwise require … Continue reading

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